The Patterson / Marks / Marean Family History

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Simeon Marean, son of Joseph Marean, son of Thomas Marean

The Marean [Mareane] families migrated from Massachusetts to the south central part of New York State shortly after the American Revolution, settling in Maine, Broome, NY and Owego, Tioga, NY. Although all are buried in cemeteries there and the family ties seem fairly strong in the area, I have been unable to develop positive proof from land records or last wills that definitely link the three as relatives. Thomas did fight for the Colonies during the American Revolution along with Amos Patterson, later Thomas Marean's brother-in-law.
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James Paterson [1633-1701]

By many written accounts, James Paterson was born In Scotland but we have no information concerning his family in Scotland prior to his birth. He was born in Scotland circa 1633 and became a Scottish Prisoner of War under Lord Cromwell during the 2nd English Civil War, 1651. At the approximate age of 19, he was transported to London, England and a short time later sent to the Massachusetts Bay Colony as an indentured servant, arriving in Boston early in 1652. He later married his owners daughter, Rebecca Stevenson and they had eight children. The family was well established in the Billerica, MA area, but all had moved on by approximately 1720. The descendants of James Patterson fought during the American Revolution for the colonies and later settled the interior of south central New York State following that conflict. What I have never been successful at is positively identifying the blood line back to Scotland.
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